About Us

Açılım Kutu is a family company founded in 1985 by experienced and expert people. Our company, acting with the awareness of being a family and forming its team in this direction from the first days of its establishment, continues its works with innovative and dynamic principles in its entirety. With our working principle that does not compromise on quality, we provide you with product supply on time and on time, as your solution partner.

We are moving from an innovative point of view to the Açılım Kutu and directly conveying the energy we have in our product designs. We follow up the products we supply to the end consumer and we are improving ourselves every day to maintain the solid and quality product identity we have.

Using high quality raw materials, Açılım Kutu is serving to apparel and cosmetic food sectors, especially spare parts sector and expanding its customer portfolio day by day. Aiming at customer satisfaction and continuity, our company serves you with advanced technology and advanced work team.

We are proud to see you with our customer satisfaction and solution-oriented working principle.

With Respect,
Açılım Kutu family...

Our Mission

Açılım Kutu has an understanding that focuses on giving the best and the best service to you, our esteemed customers.

Our Goals

Increasing our existing customer capacity with different and new designs and developing ourselves continuously is our primary goal and duty. In line with this goal, we hope that our relationship with you will continue for many years without breaking the principle and self.

Açılım Career

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  • 10025 Sokak No:18 Tekeli – Menderes/İZMİR
  • +90 232 782 22 33
  • +90 232 782 22 34
  • info@acilimkutu.com 
  • pcoksezenler@acilimkutu.com
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