Açılım Kutu is always on your side with the accumulation of years.

Not a supplier, but a solution partner…

About Us

Established in 1985 as a family company, Açılım Kutu reflects the knowledge and experience of the years on its products. We have a work team that continuously improves itself to produce the best and the most suitable solution to its customers, and closely follows the local and global developments. It is your solution partner with innovative, dynamic and sustainable energy.

Open to goodness and beauty with Açılım Kutu…



Açılım Kutu offers robust and durable products, and customer satisfaction is always a principle.


As Açılım Kutu, we supply you with high quality raw materials. The designs of our products are made by giving importance to aesthetics and durability.


As Açılım Kutu, we would like to thank all of our friends who has not left us alone since 1985.


Contact Info

  • 10025 Sokak No:18 Tekeli – Menderes/İZMİR
  • +90 232 782 22 33
  • +90 232 782 22 34
  • info@acilimkutu.com 
  • pcoksezenler@acilimkutu.com
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